Thursday, 12 April 2018


Hello! Today I am going to talk about my PYPX journey!!!
PYPX, from beginning to now!!!

So, it started six weeks ago, when we were first told our groups. I remember that I was super nervous!!!

I discovered that I was in the Deforestation group, with some people that we will call, Ja,   ( Ja is not the same person as J, from one of my old blog posts ) and G. 

When we got together, we discussed about Our central Idea, (Which BTW is 'Deforestation affects all livings things.) and our lines of inquiry. 
( which are: 1.responsible use of forests supports sustainability, 2. We are inquiring into how deforestation  affects the environment, 3. There are strong connections between trees and the air we need. )

After we had to come up with an action. Our action is to design a garden, and if possible, spread awareness with a poster. 

Until now, that we are working on our action, And it'a almost time to present!!! 

This is how my group was thinking to display it.

Wednesday, 28 March 2018

This week was really hard and interesting.

We had to work a lot on our information report, but i'm still not done.

In our groups we had to do a lot of things, it was really tiring.

Math was also hard but PYPX was harder.

 In my PYPX group we had a guest speaker it was really interesting.

Today at art Mrs. Andrea explained to us about our new unit, scenes with value. Before I thought that if you mixed black with a color it will just be a dark color, and if add white to a color it would just be a light color. But today I learned that black plus any color equals a shade, white plus any color is a tint, and grey plus any color is a tone.

Today we also had a substitute teacher, her name is ms. Bianca.

I wonder what will happen tomorrow!

Market day

22 march I went to market day. If you remember me from last year, you will know that I also did it. It was really interesting seeing how it's like to be the client on market day, as last year I was selling it.

Thursday, 1 March 2018

So, as you probably know from my last blog post, Thursday I tough my buddie how to do a name mandala. It was really fun and I enjoined it. If we could do it again, then I would spend less time on the design.  

My week

My week was really exciting! here's what we did!!!

Monday we just did normal stuff, nothing special
Tuesday we went to a field trip, in which my group went to a hospital for children that had mental and physical issues.
Wednesday we had to do a lot of tests.
Thursday morning we got to teach our buddies how to do a name mandala.
Friday we did a lot of things, it was tiring but fun!

Wednesday, 7 February 2018

In french class we did a writing assignment about our family.
the most challenging thing was having a limited time.
I was successful when I was able to write 150 words in a short amount of time.

Here is a picture of my work